Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

Landscape of Emergency

Jean-Yves Thériault alias Blacky, seines Zeichens auch Mitbegründer und zweifacher Ex-Bassist von Voivod, hat übrigens seit letztem Jahr ein neues musikalisches Projekt.

Selbsterklärender Text von der Band-Website:
Landscape of Emergency is an independent project combining music and video in support of live performance. Fully conducted by both artists Monica Emond and Jean-Yves Thériault, the project shakes up the usual rock band conventions. Two basses occupy the front stage. Two renegade instruments which loudly hammer out the archival and original video footage presentation.
Landscape of Emergency's commitment to a complete DIY work process is necessarily antagonistic to the logic of industry. It explicitly means the mastering by the artists of the whole production to diffusion set of parameters rather than conforming to a passive composer role easy to administrate.
Art is a political commitment and we completely choose to embrace it. When regardless to what is all around one pretends making something apolitical out of it, norm still triumphs. Being driven musically and visually by controversial and political subjects instead, Landscape of Emergency claims its genuine abnormality.

Über besagte Website, bzw. den Shop kann man die bisherigen zwei (langen) Stücke als Audio und Video für sehr kleines Geld herunterladen.
Unterstützt Blacky, seine Musik und sein antinukleares Anliegen und tut das!
Für unentschlossene gibt's das Ganze auch via Youtube:

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