Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Altar of Plagues - Live at Club Colectiv, Bucharest

"In March of 2015 we performed at Club Colectiv in Bucharest, Romania. This was our first show in a number of years and it remains one of our favourite in memory.

Less than 8 months later during a metal concert at Club Colectiv there was a fire, ignited by a bands pyrotechnics, which killed 64 people and injured 147. The venue had only one working exit and this tragic event serves as a reminder to never take your safety for granted when in a concert environment.

This recording is a gift to you, in memory of the lives lost at Club Colectiv, and in support of the people of Romania who pursued justice.

God Alone
Neptune is Dead
12 Was Ruin
Scald Scar of Water
Feather and Bone
All Life Converges To Some Center

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