Mittwoch, 20. April 2016

Incarceration By Abstraction by The Flying Luttenbachers

Sharing is caring: Das letzte Album der FLYING LUTTENBACHERS von 2007, eigentlich irgendwie doch ein WEASEL WALTER Soloding, gibt's gerade aus einem aktuellen Anlass für wenige Tage zum „Name Your Price“-Download (s.u.).

Walter dazu:
"after the final flying luttenbachers band disbanded rather abruptly in november 2006, i spent the first half of 2007 wrapping up compositional loose ends on the final, maniacal solo (almost) FLs album "Incarceration By Abstraction". 

tonight i took a walk and listened to this thing, and thought, "if i died tomorrow, AT LEAST I DID THIS." 

i want you to hear it, if you want to, so i'm going to make it a free download for a week. if you want to pay, pay, if you don't, just take it. if you dig it, please tell others. it has been out of print in physical format for years. 

i put so much work and heart into this thing. it is complex, but it rocks viscerally. it's stubbornly gnarly, but the thorns are densely packed with weird little melodies and hooks. i played everything on it except on the mini-rock opera final track, featuring some guest vocals (actually, the only FLs track EVER with lyrics and a vocal melody!)

seriously, if you want to hear what an album that took a hundred+ hours to compose and execute sounds like, give this one a chance. it is a puzzle - let its riddles enter your ears and brain!"

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